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Cybersecurity vs Computer Science: A Complete Guide (2024)

Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives, and this helps us do our work like shopping, games, office work, etc. from home. This all has become possible because of computer science.

If there were no computers, it would not be possible to develop the internet and computer science.

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting data from cyber-attacks.

But computer science is all about studying basic things related to computers and developing new things that will help to make better use of computers.

Beyond software study, there are many things that are included in computer science. Those are:

“Developers learn programming languages that enable them to do several different things. For instance, they can make certain tools like collaboration tools that can help millions of people around the globe to collaborate with each other.”

The main areas where computer science works are artificial intelligence, network, database, human-computer interaction, and software engineering.

Cybersecurity vs Computer Science according to the Basis of working

Cybersecurity is all about protecting data through various means. It works on the five principles to do this. Those five principles are:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-repudiation
  • Availability.

These are the base of cybersecurity, and it also takes care of the principles mentioned above while working.

Under computer science, all devices related to computers are studied. The main focus of computer science is on existing software and the development of new software.

It has its foundations in mathematics and foundations. The ultimate use of queueing theory, probability and statics, hypothesis testing and experimentation is done while designing, refining, measuring, etc., the already existing algorithms.

Development of both things.

Computer science: Its roots lie primarily in mathematics, electrical engineering, physics and management information systems.

Cybersecurity: It is becoming significant in today’s life. But do you know when it started and who started it? Let me answer.

Cybersecurity began in the 1970s when “Creeper” was a computer program that could move across ARPANET’S network.

In 1987 first antivirus came into existence, and after that, with technology, cyber security improved.

This is how they are developed for different reasons.

The difference in the types and degrees of computer science and cybersecurity.

Types of computer science? Kind of computer science degrees?

Different degrees prepare students for specific career paths.

There are two general categories in which computer science is divided: theoretical computer science and applied computer science.

Types under applied computer science are:

Types under theoretical computer science are:

  • Theory of computation
  • Information and coding theory
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Programming language theory
  • Formal methods.

Degrees in Computer Science

You can do an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in computer science. But before deciding which degree to choose, you must know the difference between the two.

These are undergraduate degrees that help you prepare for entry-level career options. The main difference between these two is the time required to complete.

An associate degree can be completed in two years, while a bachelor’s degree can take four years. Bachelor’s degree provides more in-depth knowledge of computer science.

The type of job and salary gave to graduates of both degrees is the second point which creates a difference between both. The individual with a bachelor’s degree qualifies for better and high-paying positions.

An associate degree requires students to complete 64 semester hours, while a bachelor’s degree requires 128 semester hours.

Although there are many different types of bachelor’s degrees in computer science.

  • Bachelors of Arts in computer science
  • Bachelor of applied science in computer science
  • Bachelor of computer security in computer science
  • Bachelor of Computing in computer science
  • Bachelor of Science in information technology, etc.

You can also do an Honors bachelor of computer science.

If you want to take your career to the next level, you can consider doing a master’s of science in computer science.

Cybersecurity has only five types. Those are listed below:

How are both cybersecurity and computer science important?

Both these have different importance.

Importance of computer science.

  • We are living in a digital world.

It is responsible for smartphones, tablets, the internet and other related things. This is how computer science is important because it deals with all the things that have become inseparable parts of our lives.

  • Making the world a better place.

As we live in a digital world, businesses and many things related to our lives rely on software programs created by computer science.

It helped improve our living conditions by developing instruments that help predict natural disasters, etc. Computer science continuously tries to make new things that can help to make our lives easy.

  • High paying sector

The world of information technology provides more jobs in all sectors, which helps people to get more and higher-paying jobs.

  • Various specializations

It is used in so many areas of life and business, that is why there are a variety of specializations in this field like:

  • Software developer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • IT manager
  • Computer network architect
  • Research and development scientist, etc.
  • Ongoing technological developments

As the world is advancing its information technology structure, computer science is important to advance that system. It will tell you in what direction the world is heading and understand these advancements.

  • You can use your creativity.

It allows you to find infinite solutions to a single problem. The goal is to find and choose the best solution. Computer applications can be developed in so many ways.

These are the importance of computer science and its study. As we know, computer science mainly focuses on developing new software; this is how it is helping us.

Importance of cybersecurity.

Its importance is rising day by day. We are more reliant on technology which is why the importance of cybersecurity is increasing.

It protects our data from all kinds of cyber-attacks done through various means.

If we properly take care of cybersecurity, no one will be able to change our data, blackmail us, and do other things with our data.

Various sensitive information is stored on the systems like bank account details, etc., making our lives worse if accessed by someone else.

This is why cybersecurity is important. If cybersecurity is there, we can use the computer without any worries.

Job roles of cybersecurity vs computer science.

Job roles that computer science offers you are far different from cybersecurity. Following are the job roles that you can do if you have a degree in cybersecurity:

  • System Database Administrator

You have to plan the database structure, including administration, testing and running the database system.

You also need to do safeguarding and troubleshooting when required and analyze the overall performance.

  •  Computer programmer

As we all know, coding is a crucial part of computer science, so the role of a computer programmer is to develop operating systems, websites and mobile apps using coding languages.

  • Data Warehouse Analyst

You need to do data management, collection, and mining for this job role.

The responsibilities that come with this job role also include helping the company utilize and benefit from the stored information.

  • Software Developer

A software developer is someone who develops, tests and runs software programs. The other responsibility that a software developer has to fulfill is to create software upgrades.

They also evaluate the software program to improve considering the needs of users.

  • Research analyst

In this, you have to do data documenting, conduct surveys and research, and collect online information.

  • Data scientist

They are responsible for two things:

Creating And Storing databases by analyzing and processing the data to create actionable plans to benefit the organization.

  • Web developer

They develop and test the web pages using codes. They are also responsible for backing up the website, updating the content, modifying the design and UI improvement.

The average salary is $16,845 if you are a degree holder in computer science(master’s degree).

Job roles you can get in cybersecurity. Here are some:

  • Network Security Engineer

The main responsibilities of this job are:

  • Maintaining systems
  • Identifying vulnerabilities
  • Improving automation

Ensuring the security systems are implemented.

  • Cyber security analyst

They help plan, implement, and upgrade the security measures within an organization. They continuously check security access and perform security audits.

  • CISO

This is an advanced-level job where you have to handle a security officer’s team. You need to collaborate with other stakeholders to determine the security system.

These professionals find weaknesses in the security system that can make the data vulnerable.

  • Security consultant

These professionals protect the organization’s data and capital. They try to analyze a lot of security systems in all fields.

The salary payouts are:

$82,565 for an entry-level cybersecurity analyst.

$96,478 for a median-level cybersecurity engineer.

These are the different job roles and payout differences.


Computer science is the thing that develops software and other things, whereas cybersecurity protects those software and the other things that are created by computer science.

Their job roles, salary payouts, importance, origin, and Basis of work are totally different, which I have mentioned in the above article to know the difference between both easily.

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