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Iowa State University (Ph.D. in Mathematics focusing on Information Assurance) For 2023

Math is a great subject, each in breadth and in-depth. As such, there’s a good-sized range of various regions you may study as a math student.

These regions typically fall into one of all three categories: natural arithmetic, implemented arithmetic, or statistics. Some examples of subjects you may study are:

  • Number idea
  • Numerical analysis
  • String idea
  • Random matrix idea
  • Graph idea
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Matroid idea
  • Control idea

Besides this, because math makes a specialty in addressing interdisciplinary real-international problems, you can paint and collaborate with different STEM researchers. For example, your study’s subject matter might also additionally relate to:

  • Biomechanics and delivery processes
  • Evidence-primarily based totally medicine
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Financial arithmetic
  • Machine learning
  • Theoretical and Computational Optimization

Degree Programs

In the 21st century economy, mathematics students may be studying encryption and coding theory, a cellular automaton for modeling in life sciences, graphs, and networks with computer science and financial mathematics applications.

In traditional areas such as education, high demand for secondary school math teachers is expected in the United States over the next decade. Iowa State University offers a variety of routes to a recognized degree in mathematics.

Here is a short precise of every pathway: 

Mathematics Major

The conventional diploma software gives schooling appropriate for college students making plans in enterprise or to keep their research in graduate faculty.

Mathematics Major with Applications

This diploma alternative is designed for college students who need to specialize in the software of arithmetic as a place of study.

It is suggested for people who plan to paint in enterprise or people who plan to keep reading their specialization location on the graduate level.

Mathematics Major for Teacher Preparation

This diploma will put together you for coaching arithmetic on the center and excessive faculty level: the Mathematics Department and the Curriculum & Instruction Department percentage obligation for this software.

Mathematics Major with Actuarial Science Certificate

This diploma software is designed for college students pursuing a profession as an actuary or inside the economic sector.

In addition to the arithmetic major, college students may acquire the Actuarial Science Certificate upon crowning glory of this system.

Minor in Mathematics

The branch gives a little in arithmetic.

Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University

Graduate Study 

The branch of Iowa State University gives applications primary to the Ph.D. programs in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, the M.S. in Mathematics, and the M.S. in Applied Mathematics.

They can also participate in interdisciplinary applications in Information Assurance, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Human-Computer Interaction and Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology.

All the graduate applications have vast flexibility to shape man or woman’s needs. The school has strong, energetic studies agencies in partial differential equations, implemented mathematics, stochastic processes, practical analysis, combinatory, algebra, manage theory, and mathematical biology.

Graduate Program Learning Goals: 

Applied Mathematics

  • Master’s middle regions of Applied Mathematics (M.S., Ph.D.)
  • Achieve in-intensity know-how in a delegated subfield of Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Perform authentic studies in a delegated subfield that advances Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Demonstrate capacity to efficiently speak mathematical ideas and study results (M.S., Ph.D.)


  • Master’s middle regions of Mathematics (M.S., Ph.D.)
  • Achieve in-intensity know-how in a delegated subfield of Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Perform authentic studies in a delegated subfield that advances Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Demonstrate capacity to efficiently speak mathematical ideas and study results (M.S., Ph.D.)


  • Math (M.S. or Ph.D.)
  • Applied Mathematics (M.S. or Ph.D.)
  • Information Assurance (M.S.)
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Ph.D.) Program  
  • Human-computer interaction (M.S. or Ph.D.)
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (M.S. and Ph.D.)

 International Students 

  • International Admission
  • International Education Services
  • International Student Orientation Resources  

 Graduate Resources 

  • Current Tuition Fees and Fees
  • Support and grants
  • Graduate Course Guide
  • Handbook for math students
  • Manual for students of applied mathematics
  • Graduate Handbook
  • Paper archive

Program Information

Program Statement: 

At ISU, we’re devoted to your fulfillment as a graduate student. As a primary step, we’ve got amassed data on utility necessities in addition to hyperlinks wherein you may locate similar data. We inspire you to explore.

Degrees Offered:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.)

Learning Goals: 

  • Master’s middle regions of Mathematics (M.S., Ph.D.)
  • Achieve in-intensity expertise in a designated subfield of Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Perform unique studies in an established subfield that advances Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Demonstrate the capacity to correctly talk mathematical standards and study results (M.S., Ph.D.)


Admission Requirements

Application and Fee

The software to Mathematics Department graduate software is a two-section process.

First, the preliminary graduate software was shaped via the Office of Admission software portal. This is an easy software shape without a software rate, making it clean to apply.

The Mathematics Department schools will behavior a preliminary evaluation of your qualifications for graduate research at ISU.

Pre-packages can be evaluated to decide if candidates meet our qualifications for admission. Applicants who meet the staff can be notified through the Mathematics Department and post proper software.

You may also continue to the second section, which calls for a software rate. In this 2nd section, you’ll offer instructional transcripts and set up three letters of recommendation.

A nonnative English audio system will provide a reputable file of an English qualifying exam.


Official Quantitative, Analytical, and Verbal GRE ratings are required for all candidates. Advanced (subject) GRE in Mathematics isn’t always needed; however, candidates are strongly endorsed to put up superior GRE ratings.

Since it takes about three-four weeks for the reputable replica of your check ratings to attain ISU and be processed, please bring your check early sufficient to permit the ratings to acquire ISU previous to the utility deadline.

Suppose you designate Iowa State University as one of the establishments to which ratings should be dispatched through ETS.

In that case, the ratings move at once to the Graduate Admissions Office and are entered into a web device to be handed to departments.

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