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Can You Get into Cybersecurity With No Experience? (2023)

You can certainly opt for this role in Cybersecurity. But first of all, you need to ask yourself certain questions to understand how to fit this role. If you have a passion for this career, you can certainly opt for this field.

But frankly speaking, without any basic experience you can’t get into the field of cybersecurity.

But if you have done a Bachelor’s degree/Master’s Degree/Certification course related to cybersecurity then you can get into any organization that deals with this technology

If you think you can learn new skills quickly, then also you can progress toward this career. Cybersecurity professionals are really needed in this Industry because of the hackers and an increasing number of crimes in the field of technology.

Let’s go through some points to understand how capable you are of this career and what you should do to begin working in this field.

The Certifications you need for this Field

If you are a United States Citizen then for a career in this field you need a CompTIA Security Training Course for pursuing your career. This course can be a foundation for you to start your career in Cybersecurity.

This is especially important in the case of United States Citizens. Another course is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training Course. In order to be a trained professional, you should be equipped with good knowledge of Ethical Hacking.

Moreover, if you have a course that relates to IT courses then you can opt for a position in Cybersecurity in the entry-level post.

If you have about two to three years of experience in this field of IT, then you can definitely have your name in the Application, subject to the further Interview process.

If you have these courses additionally, then it will make your resume stronger.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate  Training Course will help you to learn more and be experienced.

CompTIA Linux has a good Training Course in Cybersecurity.

Many Cybersecurity professionals are now appointed in this post having an IT certificate and experience for about 3 years and have qualified with some certificates.

In the interview to be selected as a Cybersecurity professional, you need to be someone who can handle difficulties smoothly.

Use Networking – you can connect with LinkedIn also

If you seriously want a good position in this field, then try connecting with Professionals in Cybersecurity. You can do this easily through LinkedIn.

They know when are new opportunities opening, what skills you need to work on, and how the hiring process occurs. If you can contact some of them, chances will be there for you to improve in this field.

Think about something unique and off-the-track

As a Cybersecurity professional, you should know how to think about certain things beyond the same standpoint. You should think like the hacker, think like hacking and then solve them back into pieces.

How can you innovate, using technology to accomplish certain tasks? How can the new technologies coming into the market be helpful for solving problems?

As you will research more and think about things that are uncommon, the more expert you will become.

Know about certain Technologies especially

The Cloud –Now almost all organizations are moving towards the Cloud. Cloud helps in protecting the data that we store in them. However, recently it is discovered that breaches in this service have also been found.

In fact, hacking these systems can earn people up to millions of dollars. So cybercriminals are essentially using this field. So more careful attention should be paid to these cloud technologies to prevent such breaches.

Encryption technology –  Social media, credit card companies, and Governmental Organisations are using this technology to protect their data, which is confidential and should be kept safe.

This technology is evolving in new ways such as blockchain technology which is more secure than previous versions of encryptions. Big organizations are now adopting this blockchain technology in their business.

You should learn more about AI – These days Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a potential friend in terms of urgent needs. Many threats and cybercrimes that occur in b that have confidential data can be detected using AI technology easily.

Which profiles you should follow to know cyber security deeply? Here are some of the profiles that I can give for references


This person works in Australia and is a pro at cybersecurity, encouraging people to be more secure in this world. Follow this profile to know more. You can get some advice.


This is really a very useful profile. If you can follow this account, you will get to see that you can protect your accounts from cyber threats and also know if your profile is already hacked.


This person is a Journalist and is very popular. Regarding any breaches that occur in cybersecurity, this person tops everyone.


The person owning this account is known as the God of Cybersecurity. He has a solution to every problem. Follow to know more.


This account belongs to a Researcher in Cybersecurity. Well qualified and knows well.

Where can I network with cybersecurity professionals?

Although Cybersecurity requires certain degrees or certificates for your career, you can have a good career also through networking.

You can follow many accounts, as I mentioned above to know about this field in a better way and also you can join any Institute. There are a number of Institutes in the USA providing such training.

Conclusion: What are you thinking now?

Don’t let yourself think that you are without experience, so you cannot follow your passion.

I just shared many tips by which you can get yourself established in the cybersecurity field. This is also for people who want to grow quicker than other traditional sectors.

The Field is for all and tries out all these steps to get a good hold in this field. If you can read more and more articles, connect with true and genuine people who have knowledge regarding these and also try to improve yourself every day, then you can definitely excel at this one.