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(19 Easy Ways) How To Secure Your iPhone From Hackers For Free?

ways to protect your iphone from hackers for free

iPhone has one of the best security systems, but still, you need to protect your device from hackers as, from time to time, they find new ways to get your information. How can you protect yourself and make your data secure?

Is there something that you can do? Yes, certainly, there are some things that you can take care of to secure your iPhone from hackers. Now, let’s dive straight into the things that you need to take care of-

19 Ways To Protect Your iPhone From Being Hacked

1. Keep Your iPhone Updated

Ensure that you always use the updated version of your iOS device. This is a must because cyber-criminals occasionally find loopholes in Apple’s coding. They can take advantage of this loophole in many ways, like taking out your personal data, etc.

So iOS software updates are just a way to fight against this by removing the loopholes.

2. Turn on Find Me

Find My is a fantastic application that can help you a lot by saving your iPhone data from hackers. If your mobile gets stolen or something, you can log in to Find Me from another iOS device and find where your device is.

Not only this, but you can also delete your data from that stolen device.

So even if hackers get access to your mobile, they won’t find anything valuable.

How can you turn on Find Me?

  • Enter the settings and smash on your profile at the top area of your display.
  • Now, click on iCloud. Flip through to Find Me. Tap on it to turn it on.
  • Ensure the slider by Find my iPhone is green.

3. Strong Password

Have you heard about GrayKey? This is a tool used to crack passwords of iPhone devices. A six-digit password just takes some days to crack.

Hackers also might have such applications that can help them to get into your device. So to avoid this, try setting your password up to eight or ten digits, as it will take months to crack such a long password.

While setting up passwords, try to include letters, symbols, and numbers.

4. Auto-Wipe The Data

Turn on the erase data option. But don’t forget to turn on the automatic backup feature. If you turn on this option, your mobile’s data will be swept out after ten incorrect guesses.

So when anyone tries to get into your mobile, they won’t find anything useful.

5. Prevent Opening Unknown Files

Never open any link received from an unknown source. There are many links that can directly let the sender hack your device.

This stuff seems real, but these scams are prevalent nowadays.

So I would highly suggest you not open unknown links or any attachments.

6. Repeal App Permissions

The next thing that you can do is – cancel application permissions. When you use any application/feature of any application, you will be asked to give access to the camera and other stuff to use the app properly.

I understand that it’s not possible not to permit every app. But at least try not to give access to only useful applications, as after granting permission, the app can access your personal information.

7. Turn off Siri

Siri is an amazing feature provided by Apple as you can command it, and it will do whatever you say.

But, it can also work against you as it can provide cyber-criminals with your personal data. There are incidents found where hackers have used Siri to bypass the iPhone’s passcode.

8. Auto-Fill

Auto-fill is a feature where you don’t have to remember your login credentials. Users must tap once, and all their information will be filled out.

But if a hacker, however, manages to sneak into your iPhone, then he can take advantage of all that saved information. This auto-fill feature will provide them with all the details saved.

So to avoid this situation, you should turn off the auto-fill feature. How?

  • Go to settings and then to Safari.
  • There you’ll see an auto-fill feature; turn it off.

9. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is when someone else tries to log in to your accounts, you’ll be notified and asked to permit the login.

If you activate this, every time someone else tries to enter your accounts, you’ll be notified, so from there, you can deny the login permission. And then the person won’t get any of your personal information.

10. Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking denotes permitting your iPhone to download apps unavailable on the app store. It is highly advised not to do that because if you download third-party apps (not available on the app store), it will be easier for cyber-criminals to enter your system.

Because these applications can breach your security.

With this, you should check out your app library from time to time because sometimes hackers download malware or spyware on your device. So if you find something uncommon, delete it as soon as possible.

11. Lock Screen Access

Sometimes, people don’t even need to unlock their device to see your notifications, messages, missed calls, etc. So turn off lock screen access to prevent anyone from seeing your notifications, etc.


  • Enter settings and then to Face ID and password.
  • After this, find “allow access when locked” and disable it.

If you don’t want to turn the application’s notifications off, then at least turn off the followings-

  • Reply with the message, home control, wallet, return missed calls, and USB things.

The other option you’ve is – to turn off the content of notifications when your mobile is off. In this, you can view the notifications but not the content in them.

12. Avoid Public Wi-fi

Using public wi-fi can be dangerous for your data because it is open to all kinds of cyber-attacks. So try to use only a private cell connection and turn off your wi-fi wherever you go outside.

13. Mobile Security Software

Install any mobile security software that can protect your data from hackers.

For instance –

You can download the clario app. It provides a lot of features that do an amazing job of security. But it is paid, although you can try its free trial.

Just like this, you can download any other mobile security software.

14. Use Reliable Chargers

Charge your iPhone only from a reliable charger. Don’t even think of using the USB charging ports available in public places, as they can become cyber-criminals tools to get your data.

So if you are going outside, carry your adapter and USB with you as this won’t let you use any public charger because you have yours.

15. Social Media

Don’t overshare your life on social media. I know that social media has become an important part of our lives, and many of us want to share everything about our life on social media.

But it’s not safe. Sharing is good, but oversharing isn’t; it can help hackers know your behavior, and then they can easily access all your information.

16. Different Passwords

Don’t set the same password for all your accounts. If you have set the same password, then if someone knows one, he can get access to all your accounts.

I know it is easy to remember one password instead many. But you can’t ignore the fact that the same password for many accounts is not safe.

17. Website

We all use google to search for a variety of things. But you need to avoid visiting an unreliable website.

Unreliable websites can contain viruses, etc. which can steal your data if you visit them.

18. Use Screen Lock

Manu users don’t prefer locking their screens, making it easy for each person to unlock their iPhones. After unlocking, they can even access all your data; it doesn’t matter how personal it is.

So always use a screen lock and share that lock with only reliable people.

19. Protect Your SIM

Protect your sim by setting a password on it, as it will prevent hackers/thieves from using your sim to get various valuable details.


These are some tips that will help you to double your iPhone’s security. Hackers try their best to get the data of individuals they want, but if you use all these methods, the chances of them accessing your data become very low.