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Top Best 6 Compliance Automation Tools in 2024

top best compliance automation software tools

Compliance calls for following standards and regulations. It is inevitable for businesses to ensure compliance, maintain evidence, and also prepare for audits. The whole process can be cumbersome when done manually.

This is why need automation tools for this job. When you use a tool, you would be automating compliance work allowing you to save time. The process of compliance becomes easy when the best tool is used.

For all your SOC 2/Hippa compliance needs you can consider using one of the best automation tools in the market.

To make your work easy, we have shortlisted 6 of the top compliance automation software. Go through the software presented and its features. The list will help you make your choice.

Best 6 Compliance Automation Software Tools

1. Sprinto

sprinto compliance framework

Sprinto is a compliance automation tool that allows cloud-based businesses to ensure effective compliance. From SOC 2 to Hippa compliance, and ISO 27001 to GDPR, all standards are supported by this tool.

Clearing security audits is now a simple process thanks to the rich features that Sprinto offers. Every month, there are more than a million compliance checks done using Sprinto.

Security compliance can be a burden if done manually. The burden can be completely reduced when you use the compliance programs that Sprinto offers. You can run automated security checks to inspect controls and track compliance.

You also get to work with a dedicated expert on compliance and a support team to help you with all your needs.

2. Carbide

Carbide (previously known as Security) is a complete cybersecurity management platform to help you ensure compliance. It supports SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and other standards.

The tool helps you through the entire compliance process taking you through gap analysis, design, implementation, audit, sustenance, and evolution. Various plans are available to suit all your needs.

Expert guidance is available. The best practices for security and design can be easily adopted and will help provide you with a cutting edge.

With compliance being automated, you will be free to focus on your business and drive growth. It is a tool that helps you win the trust of customers.

3. Strike Graph

Strike Graph is a platform that streamlines your security compliance and ensures you get certified easily and quickly. Whether it is SOC 2, HIPAA, or PCI DSS you can get the compliance automated by using this tool.

The tool helps you assess risks while keeping your business needs in mind. You can then start to collect evidence to fulfill controls specified by the standards.

The tool ensures you are prepared for the audit, helping you get certified without breaking your back. The process of compliance has been made tension-free by this tool.

Expert guidance is offered along with many other resources to make your compliance journey a successful one.

4. Laika

Laika is a comprehensive compliance platform that has all the features you need. Apart from prescriptive workflows, the tool also has advanced automation abilities to make your work easier.

It gives you the benefit of being able to carry out penetration testing and auditing. All the highest standards like ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR are supported by the tool.

When you get in touch with Laika, they will offer a package that suits your specific needs. This even includes audit representation to help you sail through audits. You can rest assured your compliance program is implemented effectively with no problems when you use Laika.

5. Auditboard

Collecting pieces of evidence and preparing for audits become easy when this tool is used. Workflows can be automated to make work easy. The automation saves time allowing businesses to focus on value-added activities.

6. Skyflow

Skyflow offers data privacy vault APIs making compliance and security easier. With Skyflow, your business can now run workflows on completely encrypted data.

It uses polymorphic encryption techniques like tokenization that ensure the best levels of security for your data.

The Zero Trust Architecture Vault is a key feature that enhances privacy. Data sharing becomes highly secure, and you can share data with third parties in the format of your choice.

Integration with other tools like Stripe and Experian is seamless using Skyflow. The simple APIs are powerful and make it easy to implement.

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