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What is the Importance of Cybersecurity in the Modern Internet Age? (2023)

The Internet is the gateway to all the amenities these days. Most of us carry out all our tasks using the internet.

For instance, take banking and finance management, all our fund management tasks happen using internet banking gateways provided by the respective banks.

Resultantly, the online databases house confidential information such as bank account details, and technological blueprints which can be accessed by hackers and could result in theft.

Not just bank details, the internet also has your personal information like address, business details, and passwords.

All in all, if any information contained in your system manages to reach the wrong hands could result in several crimes.

This calls for the tightening of cybersecurity of networks within organizations, wondering why cybersecurity is important? Well, continue to read on and you’ll find out.

What Makes Cybersecurity so Important in the Modern Internet Age?

We live in the age of modernization and technology. The technology these days is so modern that you can carry out any activity from your couch. However, this modernization comes with its own cost.

The internet has your PII, personally identifiable information, sensitive information, intellectual property, industry, or business-related information. Cybersecurity becomes all the more important for organizations.

Businesses that serve clients are required to sign a no disclosure property, i.e. they are not allowed to disclose any information related to their clients.

Breach of the non-disclosure agreement is viewed critically by the Indian jurisdiction and is a punishable offense. Organizations also hold a large database consisting of their employee records.

Which again classifies as sensitive information. Moreover, businesses work with a large capital in their bank accounts, they cannot afford any sort of breach pertaining to bank account details.

Without a strong cybersecurity system in place, the functioning of a business would become almost impossible as they would always be exposed to the vulnerabilities of internet phishers, cybercriminals, and robbers.

Why is Vulnerability To Cybercrimes Increasing?

Usage of cloud services such as Amazon Web services does increase global connectivity and accessibility.

However, usage of such cloud services to store sensitive information is also increasing inherent and residual risk.

Not just our technology is being enhanced and updated with time, but also the technology possessed by cybercriminals is progressing. Sophisticated cybercriminal methods have added to the risk of a data breach.

Solely relying on primitive cybersecurity systems such as firewalls, and antivirus is no longer safe. Business owners need to give cyber security more importance because hackers are getting smarter as security methods are being tightened.

 Cyber security threats can come from anywhere, there are several forms of security threats. Phishing is one of the most common tactics that hackers implement. Every year, newer malware keeps coming up.

Ransomware attacks are another common security threat posed by hackers. Ransomware does not only result in a data breach but also results in the loss of funds in the form of ransom.

Hackers hold data with them and demand a hefty ransom in order to delete the stolen intelligence.

Cybercrimes are primarily an effect of overreliance on technology. We humans have begun to trust technology blindly which is indeed causing cyber scares.

Relying on technologies such as wifi, and Bluetooth does increase accessibility but also compels you to give out passwords, and personal information.

As a matter of fact, your Google account is known to have all your personal information.

This includes phone numbers, information about your relatives, your address, passwords (which may also have passwords to bank accounts and other highly confidential accounts), etc.

As individuals, very tough methods of security aren’t necessary, antivirus and firewall can suffice. However, businesses cannot afford to get complacent, they need to implement stronger cyber security methods.

How Does cybersecurity help prevent data breaches?

Cybersecurity is a fundamental technology that primarily aims to form a defense mechanism to prevent cyber attacks such as malware, phishing, ransomware, damage or modification of confidential information, extortionate money from users, and interruption of business operations to proceed seamlessly.

Hence, we can say that cybersecurity is one of the best means to prevent cybercrimes.

Cybersecurity systems when incorporated help in making safer cyberspace and increase the reliability of internet sources since malicious sources that can pose a threat to the security of your cyberspace are blocked automatically.

Cybersecurity also helps speed up cyber data and protects against the leakage of confidential data.

A strong cybersecurity measure can prevent your data even from highly skilled hackers. This is because breaking the architecture of a sophisticated cyber security protocol mechanism is a highly difficult task.

A cyber security system when implemented not only secures your system and data but also constantly alarms you regarding attempts made at hacking your information by hackers.

This hence keeps business owners well informed regarding the attempts made at hacking the data, and where they come from.

Having a secure cybersecurity method will result in the employees working fearlessly without any risk of data breaches.

The usage of the internet becomes much easier since whenever an employee comes across a potential threat, he/she is immediately warned and the malicious source is blocked by the firewall immediately.

This hence increases the credibility of the internet and makes cyberspace a safer one.

Areas where cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important

Cybersecurity is gaining importance not just in a single field but in multiple domains. Threats can be posed from anywhere and being well prepared in advance is always recommended. The primary fields that require stern cyber security systems are

  • Businesses: businesses today hold confidential information about their clients and employees. This information is rather personal and the breach of this data could result in monetary losses for the business and also land the business in trouble with the jurisdiction.
  • Defense sector: The defense sector needs a strong cyber defense mechanism too! The defense sector is responsible for the security of the entire nation and hence, staying clear of hackers is highly important for them.


Data is the new gold, and hence we need to guard internet data like we safeguard our gold. Here, cybersecurity comes to the rescue.

With a stern cybersecurity method in place, it would become almost impossible to pose any threat to data and hence prevent the breach of data!

Still thinking about whether to implement a cybersecurity method or not, well, think no more! It’s the right time now.

Kevin James

Kevin James

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