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Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity Concentration – Boston University (2023)

At Boston University’s Metropolitan College (MET), the Master of Science in Criminal Justice emphasis in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity provides practical and essential knowledge of cybercrime investigative methodologies and cybersecurity procedures.

The program is among the Top 4 Online Programs since 2015 the university. You can study both Online and On-Campus. Both the Part-Time or Full-Time Study methods are available.

You will have 32 Credits. The completion time is 8–16 Months, and you will be taught by 4 Full-Time Faculty Members. 

If you’re moved by the details of this course, this article will provide you with every information you might be looking for. 

About the field 

With cybercrime occurring on an international and cross-jurisdictional scale, the hurdles for law enforcement are meaningful, as are the necessary specialized knowledge and resources in cybercrime investigation training.

The Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity concentration of BU MET’s MS in Criminal Justice focuses on building the skills and knowledge required to work with diverse cybercrime concerns.

You’ll learn about cyber criminology and practical digital investigative expertise, legal practices, and policies linked to cybersecurity risk assessment in this class.

You’ll be able to sit for the forensic examiner certification examinations once you’ve completed the program.

Why choose Boston University 

BU is a well-known university. If you get a degree from BU, your career automatically starts to shine. Along with high-class education if one chooses BU, he also receives the following perks: 

Active learning: At BU, you don’t just study the concepts theoretically but also implement necessary practical lessons wherever required. As for courses like criminology, insightful knowledge is a must.

You can Take advantage of a criminal justice master’s degree program that uses case studies, simulations with real-world data, and hands-on problem solving to develop practical skills that you can immediately apply on the job.

You will learn from industry specialists, including the chair of the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Cybercrime, during this course of study.

The master’s in criminal justice program at BU (MET) is designed for people who wish to enter or develop in the field of criminal justice—or simply learn more about this interesting topic and how it integrates with jobs in public health, media, and law. 

  • Engaged and experienced faculty: Teachers just don’t stand over the stage, deliver the speech and leave. That’s old school and doesn’t provide any value. With engaging and interactive faculty, students are assured of support.
  • At BU, it’s a common practice. All the faculty are highly trained and experienced, having vast knowledge of the subject matter like extensive field experience in law enforcement, corrections, forensic mental health, cybercrime investigation and digital forensics, research and policy, the judicial system, strategic management, etc. 
  • Extensive network: Gone are the days when only first benchers were considered someone with a bright future. It doesn’t matter if you grab a front seat or a back seat; if you’re networking with like-minded people, you will always excel.
  • At the university, you and your classmates will be able to engage in a healthy manner that will ultimately strengthen your skill sets.
  • For instance, in group discussion, moot courts build strong and long-lasting connections that will stick with you even after your studies are finished. 
  • Exceptional class participation: At this university, special consideration is given to a 15:1 class ratio, where one teacher teaches 15 students at a time. It ensures better communications and clearer providing of value courses. 
  • Study as you want: With flexible shifts, you can choose your study time, whichever suits you best. If you have no problem attending college in the mornings, you can go for morning classes, or if you have a job, you can even study in the evenings. It’s all up to you.
  • Assistance to students: What an insightful university if it doesn’t care for the deserving students. Scholarships are also provided to meritorious students based on eligibility.
  • Also, Graduate application fees are waived for current members of the American Jail Association (AJA) ($85 for master’s program applications). 

Skills you will learn from this course

  • Understand numerous criminological views, such as cybercriminals’ attitudes and the motivational elements contributing to illicit behavior.
  • Examine challenges of enforcement and sanctions unique to cybercrime and specific issues with modern technologies in international jurisdiction.
  • Create criminological solutions for cybercrime prevention.
  • In the course of a cybercrime investigation, understand difficulties surrounding the legal admissibility of digital evidence and recognize numerous cybercrime environment issues.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of cybercrime-related digital forensics and the capacity to apply it.
  • Practice risk mitigation for the stock corporation, including hazard identification, quantification, reaction, and control, as well as disaster recovery processes and alternatives.

How to apply for the course: 

The application is simple and easy-going. You can visit the admission page of the university here and contact them. 

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