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Master of Science in Cybersecurity at University of the Pacific in 2023

The purpose of Cybersecurity is to prevent unauthorized or unattended access, destruction, or modification of data, networks, programs, and other information.

Cybersecurity Specialists in today’s increasingly virtual world are essential to everyone’s online security.

Cybersecurity Specialists are responsible for protecting businesses’ computer data by building a secure system and keeping track of all the latest technological advances.

Therefore, Employers are looking for people who can contribute the right kind of talent to their companies, and the best way to demonstrate that is through a well-written resume objective.

Hence, an application for a Cyber Security Specialist position requires strong technical skills and an advanced degree. Bringing these skills to light shows that you are lovely and have the drive and ability to cope with this level of competition.

When writing your objective, take into account your specialized skills and computer and security expertise, as well as any unique, relevant skills you possess.

Reason for choosing University of the Pacific

University of the Pacific’s new Master of Science in Cyber Security program is built upon the university’s 96-year history in engineering and computer science education. 

Students are trained in advanced computing techniques and best practices of practical research on the historic ivy-covered campus in Stockton, California. They receive the intellectual foundation to excel in their field.

Using a curriculum that focuses on machine learning, data science, virtual reality, and more, graduates of the degree program will develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

Faculty members at Pacific provide students with exceptional experiential learning opportunities in computer science by serving as mentors and advisors.

Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy the University of the Pacific‘s high standard of excellence. Suppose you enroll in our online Master of Science in Computer Science program.

In that case, you will receive the same quality education and support that you would receive on campus and the convenience and flexibility of studying remotely.

Participation is open to everyone:

Cyber Security professionals who desire further formal education in the field of IT/Computing should consider this program.

This program will also be appealing to both professionals and managers seeking to enhance their Cyber Security skills and knowledge to postgraduate levels.

This program will also be of interest to fresh undergraduate students interested in Cyber Security or Digital Forensics.

Program Overview

  • Students will research several industry-related topics, such as Security Operations Centres (SOCs) and Incident Response, Advanced Ethical Hacking, E-Investigation, and Data Analytics in Cybersecurity.
  • Experts from Cyber Services, Cyber Test Systems, Akati Consulting Group, and Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) help support the program.
  • The Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides entire cybersecurity operations, enabling students to establish their cybersecurity monitoring platform, monitor real-time data, and enhance network defense with global threat intelligence, allowing them to launch faster cybersecurity responses.
  • The final semester dissertation will include a technical project centered around Cybersecurity.
  • The University of Pacific offers students research opportunities in the area of forensic and Cybersecurity.

Courses Offered:

There are two types of courses that the University of Pacific offers.

Core Courses:

  • Information Security Design
  • E-Investigation
  • Cyber Security & Threats
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) & Incident Response
  • Advanced Ethical Hacking
  • Advanced Digital Forensics
  • Research Methodology in Computing & Engineering
  • Project

Elective Courses:

  • Network Design & Performance
  • Information Security Architectures
  • Security Audit and Assessment
  • Data Analytics in Cyber Security
  • Applied Scripting in Cyber Security

Benefits of studying Cybersecurity at the University of Pacific

  • Experience at a high level of professional development within the field of Cyber Security.
  • Professionals in the IT industry can improve their skills and knowledge in Cyber Security.
  • The ability to further develop specialization gained in taught modules through an extensive thesis or dissertation demonstrates knowledge of the topic, preparing the student to be an authority.
  • By establishing the Forensics and Cyber Security (FSEC) Research Centre, the University of Pacific will also become a leader in cybersecurity research as it seeks to challenge existing boundaries in Cybersecurity.

Admission Requirements:

  • All applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in any field of study.
  • An official transcript (GPA of 3.0 or better)
  • GRE Score (300 minimum threshold)
  • Applicants must provide two Letters of Recommendation.
  • Include a Statement of Purpose.
  • The TOEFL or IELTS scores are also required of international students attending universities outside the United States.


The internet has made cybersecurity one of the most significant needs of the world, underscoring the dangers involved in Cybersecurity to a country’s security due to its widespread use.

Therefore, It is not only the government but also the citizens’ responsibility to spread awareness regarding the need to update your system and network security settings regularly and utilize proper anti-virus software to ensure that your system and network security settings remain malware-free.

In order to overcome these challenges, assessment strategies should include focusing on fundamental concepts as much as possible, segmenting a field (where possible) into a few specializations, ensuring faster updating processes and requiring periodic recertification to refresh requirements.

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