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World Hacking Statistics – 2023

11 Hacking Statistics You Must Know (Infographic)

11 Hacking Statistics You Must Know (Infographic)
  1. 42% of Ethical Hackers in the US Are White [Source: Career Explorer]
  2. 58% of State-Backed Cyberattacks in the US Originate from Russian Hackers [Source: Euro News]
  3. 86% of Hackers Are Money-Motivated [Source: Security Boulevard]
  4. 87% of Ethical Hackers in the US Are Male [Source: Career Explorer]
  5. Hackers Steal 75 Records Every Second [Source: Security Boulevard]
  6. Only 4 or 5% of Cybercriminals Are Ever Apprehended [Source: Security IT Summit]
  7. Russian Hackers Can Infiltrate a Network in Just 18 Minutes [Source: Forbes]
  8. Russian Intelligence Hackers Are the Fastest Hackers in the World [Source: NBC News]
  9. State-Sponsored Russian Hackers Target US Government Agencies More than 50% of the time [Source: Euro News]
  10. The Youngest Hacker Convicted of Violating Cybercrime Laws Was Just 15 [Source: Kaspersky]
  11. With 74% of Americans Worried About Their Personal Data Being Stolen, Hackers are American’s Biggest Crime Fear [Source: Statista]

Formjacking & Cryptojacking Statistics

  1. A known symptom of cryptojacking is that applications take 5 to 10 times longer to load (Purplesec, 2021).
  2. Although the incidence of cryptojacking is relatively low, crypto weaknesses are among the most common network vulnerabilities, with organizations registering a 39.7% vulnerability rate (EdgeScan, 2020).
  3. Crytojacking accounts for 2.5% of malware among breaches (Verizon, 2020).
  4. Cybercriminals can earn around $2.2 million monthly should they steal 10 credit cards from each of the reported 4,800 formjacked sites (Symantec, 2019).
  5. On average, formjacking codes compromise around 4,800 websites every month (Symantec, 2019).
  6. Out of 3,500 IT professionals, 17% reported that their organizations were victimized by cryptojacking (Sophos, 2021).
  7. The first hacker convicted of SIM swapping was recently sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence. (Vice, 2019)
  8. The vulnerability rate for cryptojacking spikes up to 43.7% when it comes to external/public networks (EdgeScan, 2020).
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