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WGU Cybersecurity Courses List 2023: Western Governors University

wgu cybersecurity courses list

In this generation of advancing technology, cybercrimes are also increasing day by day. With hackers taking over the internet, cybersecurity has become one of the essential amenities.

Hackers or cybercriminals can emerge and breakthrough your devices and get access to confidential and sensitive information and misuse it for their benefit.

Stealing money from credit cards and debits cards are some of the most common crimes committed by hundreds of hackers daily. 

No matter how overwhelming this situation might look, professional teams work every second to protect us from these cunning people. Cybersecurity dedicates itself to availing and improving software to keep our devices safe and secure.

If you are fascinated by the idea of working as a cyber-security and protecting the citizens from these malicious web criminals?  This compact article will lead you through the process.

WGU stands for Western Governors University, which can help you to get an online degree in cyber-security. It is an excellent career option with high opportunities and earning potential. It is a profitable, in-demand program in today’s world.

The WGU cyber-security program has 14 courses that give certifications to help you build a bright future in the field of cyber-security.

The online facility for this certification program helps you learn, side by side, with your work or graduating course. This will ensure to boost your resume in comparison to your peers.

Details of Cybersecurity Courses in Western Governors University (WGU)

Certificates are extremely valuable in the IT field hence all the certification by WGU is available at no additional cost. The B.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance offered by WGU encloses three renowned certifications.

They are Network Vulnerability Assessment, Security Analytics, and Network Security. These certifications exemplify that one has earned multiple CompTIA certificates and has the in-demand knowledge and experience required to grow one IT career.

These highly professional certification courses designate moderate-level IT professionals with two to five years of experience in the particular field.

The following is a list of all the courses available at Western Governors University (WGU) for those interested in this particular field. They are:-

  • Secure system analysis and design – This curriculum builds a basic foundation of all the terminologies, processes, principles, and practices related to information security at an international level.
  • It also ensures knowledge of basic securities and exposure and the curative that needs to be kept in mind through effective planning and administering control within an organization.
  • IT Fundamentals – It involves scripting and programming, and data management by surveying technologies in all the related areas and how they form a connection and business.
  • General Education – Under these criteria, one gets to learn about critical thinking and logical reasoning and an introduction to Geography, integrated physical sciences and ethics in technologies, Probability and statistics, English, and Algebra.
  • Along with all these, one also needs to learn about American politics and the Constitution of the US along with developing extraordinary skills in communications.
  • Business of IT – This program of studies examines ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library that mainly deals with basic terminologies, policies, concepts, and system structures.
  • Dealing with the management of IT, it is expected that the students will think about the main core principles of ITIL. In addition, it will serve the students to prepare themselves for various career paths in IT, business managers, or process owners.
  • Web Development – This integrated program teaches via HTML5 and CSS Cascading Style Sheets for web designing. This is the principal language of the web. In addition, it implements procedures usually used for web development. 
  • Network and Security – This course teaches the students about the components of a computer network and the communication protocols related to it.
  • There is no prerequisite of this course and ensures to give all the necessary knowledge on the vulnerabilities of network and migration techniques.
  • Scripting and Programming – It covers the basic elements of design concepts, flow controls, and data types. This program ends with surveying languages and demarcating between compiled and interpreted languages.
  • Information Assurance – It gives the student knowledge of cryptographic algorithms and the uses of protocols and their advantages and usage in protecting the confidentiality of various states.
  • Data Management – The curriculum introduces the students to the basic terminologies used in this profession along with SQL which stands for Structured Query Language and DDL which stands for Data Definition Language, and DML is Data Manipulation Language that demands retrieving and manipulating data.
  • Digital Forensics and Incident response – Digital forensics is the scientific procedure of investigating cybercrimes and finding pieces of evidence to catch the criminal with adequate proof.
  • This curriculum looks into how to deal with incidents, handle pieces of evidence, and manage incidents. Students are given the scope to identify the consequences related to cyber-crimes and rescue people from malicious hackers.
  • Technical Writing – This program ensures the students have the skills in editing corporate communications without any grammatical errors and correct punctuations. It enhances your presentation and professional verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Ethics and Cyber Law – People from this respective profession are responsible for knowing the ethics and applying legal principles to protect and ensure the data integrity of the people or an organization.
  • This curriculum teaches about the law, regulations, and directives for effective operational policies, thus reducing both internal and external cyber threats.
  • Web and Cloud security – This program will teach students to resolve problems for cloud-based platforms and thus protect confidential and sensitive information. 
  • Wireless and mobile technologies – This program teach students about new wireless technologies. They learn to review the adoption process which generally makes an organization aware of the risk factors related to implementing new technologies.
  • Risk Management – The fundamentals of this course are to ensure the students are aware of the in-depth analysis of the relationship between the security program related to information and the larger business goals and objectives.
  • Hacking countermeasures and techniques – This module compiles scrutinizing a device’s security from a hacker’s point of view.
  • The practicality of hacking methods and the countermeasures to be taken to determine how an attack is executed. 
  • Capstone – This is a critical yet integrated work and experience of an educational program.
  • The process includes technical work proposal and implementation of that proposal and forms a report based on the post-implementation that holds the experience in applying and developing capstone projects.
  • Penetration testing – This curriculum focuses on planning and gathering confidential information, exploits, and attacks. 

Admission Details

To be able to get admission to WGU for pursuing a degree in cyber-security, one has to be a high school graduate or an equivalent program from a renowned place. To take admission, one has to sit for ACT or SAT examinations.

  1. For enrollment in this course, one has to have a certificate on completion of another IT course, with a level equal to and above 300.
  2. Own Associate or Bachelor’s degree from renowned accredited higher secondary education.
  3. Has a minimum of 2 years of experience in the IT field.
  4. Needs to submit the completion of IT certifications if any

For admission to WBU to get a degree in cybersecurity, you need to go through the following steps. They are:-

  1. You have to apply for taking admission and pay the remuneration for the application
  2. Upload all the necessary documents
  3. Have to complete the application process for financial aid to cover the tuition fees
  4. You will have to sit for 20 minutes to 30 minutes interviews on the telephone with the authorities. These procedures need to be done before the deadline of the enrollment procedure.
  5. To pay the tuition fees by the 22nd of the month.

Tuition Fee

According to research, it is seen that 45% of the students earned a degree from WGU without taking student loans.

WGU has successfully kept its tuition fees low and additionally helped the students by issuing scholarships so that they don’t face any hardships.

Besides giving quality education, WGU has succeeded in not letting financial problems come in between the path of learning for students.

WGU offers flat-rate tuition, which is a minimum price paid for a time of six months, and the students can complete as many courses as they can in that time interval.

Their competency-based programs are ingeniously made to make the students learn as many courses as they wish to while saving money as well as time.

Other Certification Courses Offered By WGU University

WGU does not only provide certification courses for cyber-security. Some of the other courses offered by WGU are as follows:-

  • Information Technology Professions Job Board.
  • Health Professions Job Board.
  • Nurses.
  • Health Information Management.
  • Business Job Board.
  • Accounting.
  • Business Management.
  • Human Resources


An online degree in cybersecurity will give you coursework that will ensure and prepare you for the diligence of being able to protect the confidential data of various companies.

It will make sure you are aware of the current cyber systems scenario and help you grow as you learn about the new ones as they are developed. It might also help you to build those new security systems yourself. 

An undergraduate or graduate certification degree could make a difference in your career and set you apart from your peers by giving you the knowledge and skills to help you thrive.

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