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USF Cybersecurity 2023: List of All Cybersecurity Courses offered at University of South Florida

In the age where we all are dependent on technology so much, the importance of cybersecurity is increasing. With the rise of internet-connected devices, everyone has become vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

So many universities are offering cybersecurity programs. USF ( University of South Florida) is one of those universities that just introduced a cybersecurity program in their university. USF Cybersecurity courses list are given at the bottom, please check it out.

So if you are looking to build your career in cybersecurity, you should consider taking admission to USF.

The Bachelor’s of Science in Cybersecurity offered by the University of South Florida is an online program that aims to prepare students who can serve society by protecting their data.

It includes three concentrations- digital forensics, cyber intelligence, and information assurance. Now let’s know about the programs offered by the university in the field of cybersecurity.

Overview of the University of Florida

This university was founded in 1956. Thousands of students take admission here to pursue their graduation and post-graduation degrees.

A large percentage of students studying here are African Americans, American Indians, Asians, or other pacific islanders.

It is situated in the region of Tampa Bay. It has risen 67 spots among all the universities and 48 spots among all the public universities in America.

It is ranked eighth among American public universities and 15th among all in generating new patents. It strongly impacts the economy of the state. It supports high-skill, high-wage, knowledge-based industries jobs in the state.

Their researchers focus on solving issues related to society. Students and staff here work together to develop anti-racist practices.

The traditional ideals of higher education guide the University of South Florida. But their mission is much more than that of traditional higher education establishments.

Why should you choose the University of South Florida to pursue a cybersecurity program?

Now, you might be wondering why? So let me tell you that there are various reasons why you should enroll here.

The first is that the cybersecurity industry is rapidly growing, so there is a high scope of getting successful in the field if you do your work properly.

Employers admire the flexibility that an online cybersecurity course provides. You can complete your degree remotely even if you are busy with your job or something else.

It offers you a wide range of specializations, including digital forensics, cyber intelligence, and information assurance.

USF Cybersecurity Course offerings

  • Cybersecurity B.S.C.Y.S.

The cybersecurity major focuses on-

  • Technology
  • Information
  • Processes to enable secured cyber operations.
  • People

This program offered by USF is based on a technical foundation of computing and information technology. Students pursuing this course acquire a cyber security background.

The Computer Science and engineering department aims to

  • Lead the advancement of computer science, computer engineering, etc. Via research and education, including technology transfer.
  • Preparing the students for participating in society and encouraging learning.
  • Integrate the latest research in the curriculum.
  • Foster problem-solving and communication skills as these are important to the profession.
  • Provide a quality learning experience. This can be done via learning styles of teaching, interactions between teachers and students, etc.

Objectives of the Department for cybersecurity graduates-

Here are the objectives set by USF Cybersecurity Department-

To apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in their career.

Work ethically and responsibly.

Remain informed and involved as full participants.

Apply their knowledge and skills to obtain a higher degree.

Solves problems creatively, communicates properly, and can function in a multi-disciplinary team.

Apply principles of cybersecurity to protect the data from exposure.

The expectations of the Department from students who have completed their graduation in the program are

  • They have the ability to examine complex problems and apply relevant principles to identify solutions.
  • They should be able to design, execute and scan the computing-based solutions to meet the given set of computing requirements.
  •  They should know how to communicate professionally.
  • They should have the talent to recognize their professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  •  The students must function properly and engage in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.
  • They know how to execute security principles and practices to maintain operations in the presence of risks and threats.

For USF Cybersecurity graduation requirements, the Department has the following policies-

Obligatory academic advising and mentoring of the student.

Exit interview. 

  • Masters’ degree in cybersecurity at the University of South Florida

The University of South Florida offers masters of cybersecurity in three concentrations- digital forensics, cyber intelligence, and information assurance. All these courses are taught online so that every individual can access them.

Gabriel Best was the first student who enrolled in the USF cybersecurity master’s degree program. There are many colleges that come under the university, and these offer masters in cybersecurity-

College of behavioral and community sciences – Cybercrime M.S.

College of Engineering- Cyber Security M.S.C.Y.S

The mission of this college is to train graduates with advanced skills and practice relating to design, development, technologies, etc.

This will permit graduates to pursue their technical careers in various areas. This will also help the graduates to pursue Ph.D.-level research in the field of cybersecurity.

College of arts and sciences- Cyber intel and info security M.S.

Masters of Science in cybersecurity intelligence and information security is an applied graduate major. It is designed to develop information cybersecurity professionals who are specialized in the intelligence function.

They can help organizations to understand their specific attack surfaces. It prepares students for leadership and managerial roles in cybersecurity. This program ensures the students acquire the knowledge for academic success.

  • Bootcamp in Cybersecurity

University of South Florida’s Bootcamp trains students with job-ready skills. It is done through a combination of a curated curriculum from industry experts and hands-on project work.

Students learn the major cybersecurity concepts; at the end of this, they will be prepared to pass the globally-recognized CompTIA Security.

They focus on bringing you into the cybersecurity career by teaching you how to find jobs, build a cyber resume and stand out in your interviews.

There are a lot of roles that you can pursue after completion of the USF Cybersecurity program like-

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity technician
  • Incident analyst
  • Cyber Security consultant
  • System engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Cyber security manager, etc.

What are the requirements for progression into the upper-division?

The students who meet the below-listed requirements and are in good standing can progress into the program’s upper-division. Before progression, a student is not allowed to take not more than two departmental courses.

The minimum performance standards in major core courses for USF Cybersecurity must be met before registration is granted.

  • Completion of minimum acceptable grade for each of the courses:

NOTE- grades of C are not sufficient.

All students must complete the equivalent of University of South Florida MAD 2014, STA 2023, PHY 2020, and MAC 1147 with at least a C in each course. The minimum overall GPA required for the progression is between 2.0 and 3.5 for any year.

The minimum acceptable GPA will be posted on the Department’s official website a year prior to the fall semester.

Although the computed GPA is based on the best attempts. All these requirements must be met with a maximum of two attempts which is allowed for each course.

Should you enroll in the USF Cybersecurity program?

If you are serious about pursuing your career in the cybersecurity field, you should contemplate taking admission here. Their academic environment is designed to meet the needs of individual students.

Here, every student is prepared to forge their path to success. Their programs are globally competitive and are dedicated to engaging students via positive teaching and learning environments.

So if you are considering admission in an online course or Bootcamp, the University of South Florida is a great choice.

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