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Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics – 2023

11 Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics (Infographic)

11 Small Business Cybersecurity Statistics (Infographic)
  1. 22% of Small Business Owners Increased Their Cybersecurity Spending This Year [Source: CNBC]
  2. 25% of Small Business Owners That Experienced an Attack Lost Business [Source: BullGuard]
  3. 40% of Attacked Small Businesses Lost Critical Data [Source: BullGuard]
  4. 40% of Small Businesses That Fell Victim to a Cyberattack Experienced 8+ Hours of Downtime [Source: CISCO]
  5. 42% of Small Business Owners Have No Cyberattack Response Plan [Source: CNBC]
  6. 43% of Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses [Source: Accenture]
  7. 47% of Small Businesses with Fewer Than 50 Employees Have No Cybersecurity Budget [Source: Corvus Insurance]
  8. 50% of Small Business That Were Successfully Attacked Took 24+ Hours to Recover [Source: BullGuard]
  9. 51% of Small Business Owners Pay the Money When Hit with Ransomware [Source: CNBC]
  10. 52% of SMBs Don’t Have Dedicated Cybersecurity IT Employees [Source: Untangle]
  11. 56% of Small Business Owners Aren’t Worried About Being Hacked in the Next 12 Months [Source: CNBC]

12 Cybersecurity Statistics for Small Businesses (Infographic)

12 Cybersecurity Statistics for Small Businesses (Infographic)
  1. 60% of Small Businesses Go Out of Business Within 6 Months After a Cyberattack [Source: Business Australia]
  2. 61% of SMBs Experienced a Cyberattack During the Last Year [Source: Verizon]
  3. 76% of Small Business Owners Think Disclosing a Hack Should Be Required [Source: CNBC]
  4. 88% of Small Business Owners Feel They’re Vulnerable to an Attack [Source: Small Business Administration]
  5. Data Breaches Cost SMBs an Average of Nearly $3 Million Per Incident [Source: IBM]
  6. Just 22% of Small Businesses Encrypt Their Data [Source: Verizon]
  7. Just 26% of Small Business Owners Have Cyberattack Insurance [Source: CNBC]
  8. Malware Is the Most Common Threat, Comprising 18% of Attacks on SMBs [Source: Tech Republic]
  9. Nearly 60% of Small Business Owners Are Confident They Can Resolve a Cybersecurity Attack [Source: CNBC]
  10. One-in-Five Small Businesses Use No Endpoint Security [Source: BullGuard]
  11. One-Third of Small Businesses Rely on Free, Consumer-Oriented Cybersecurity Solutions [Source: BullGuard]
  12. Small Businesses Are the Target of 43% of All Data Breaches [Source: CNBC]
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