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Master’s degree in Administration of Justice and Homeland Security at Salve Regina University (2023)

Master’s Degree in Salve Regina University

In a technological age, creating and maintaining values-based organizations consisting of a cadre of professionals that share the same values can be a challenging task for justice professionals.

As citizens become more concerned and anxious, local and national security concerns increase, and social conditions that are not under their control increase.

In today’s evolving justice system, leaders must be innovative, and able to create an atmosphere that fosters strong ethics and integrity.

This program offers a way for professionals to gain and enhance the skills required to manage change, solve problems, develop employees, foster innovation and trust, and establish and maintain integrity.

Why choose Salve Regina University?

  • The Master’s degree at Salve Regina University in Justice Administration and Homeland Security program offers students the training needed to envision and pioneer security solutions in today’s complex technological and global environment.
  • A methodical approach enables us to develop sophisticated leaders in law enforcement, intelligence, and justice whose primary mission is to safeguard human lives and protect against cyber threats.
  • Students will be taught by professionals who are experts in their fields. One-on-one instruction by instructors meets the unique needs of students while establishing a mentorship relationship.
  • Faculty assists students in finding internships that may open doors to valuable networking and career opportunities.
  • Some courses are also offered on campus at Newport and Warwick, even though this program is entirely online.
  • The online format suits the unusual schedules of homeland security and justice professionals, including those on overseas deployment, while in-person courses offer hands-on forensic training.
  • Our master’s degrees in administration of justice and homeland security are complemented by graduate certificates in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and leadership in justice.
  • We offer an accelerated program that allows undergraduates to complete a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree within five years.

Program Overview:

Administrative programs for justice and homeland security strive to respond to the professional needs of justice leaders and practitioners in an increasingly technological and global environment.

In the context of being a University community committed to imparting knowledge, developing skills, and cultivating enduring, well-informed values, the graduate program aims to produce professionals who are ethically guided and will serve their communities according to principles of equal respect.

There will be a focus on the following topics during the course of this program:

  • Dimensions of the discipline in terms of philosophy, history, ethics, behavior, technology, law, and policy;
  • A system of analyzing the practice of criminal justice;
  • An organized structure containing the most current, relevant and adaptable information to changes in rapidly evolving trends.

Program Goal:

  • Students may choose from three concentrations when pursuing their master’s degree in administration of justice and homeland security: leadership in justice, cybersecurity and intelligence, or digital forensics. 
  • Students can concentrate on leadership in justice to develop strategic management skills in a technological, multicultural, and collaborative environment.
  • It examines what steps must be taken to ensure that managers can lead and interact in a technological environment as well as bridge communication gaps between management and technicians.
  • This concentration specializes in theory, policy, and problems related to cybersecurity and intelligence.
  • Students who specialize in digital forensics learn various techniques for acquiring, extricating, and analyzing data that can be utilized in criminal investigations and civil litigation cases. 

Flexible Schedule:

Students can take some courses on campus and some online as part of their concentration.

Taking advantage of both of these learning opportunities will enable the student to study at a pace that is suitable to the demands of working in the administration of justice.

Despite the professional demands of some students as well as the need to provide global access to coursework, in some cases, total online access is necessary. Courses may be taken online.

In lieu of choosing a focus area, students may select electives from any of the graduate programs allowing them to design an individualized program of study tailored to their needs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students receiving the Certificate of Graduate Studies in cybersecurity and intelligence, leadership in justice, and digital forensics will be able to broaden and enhance their careers in a way that is pertinent to today’s administration of justice and homeland security.
  • The program offers a contemporary and in-depth analysis of ethical, legal, cultural, and technological issues relating to a global society, which is increasingly interdependent.
  • Future leaders understand that the most successful approach to all hazards is an interdisciplinary approach that involves prevention, mitigation, protection, response, and recovery.

Admission Requirements:

The Salve Regina University offers an accelerated undergraduate and graduate program that produces both degrees within five years.

A minimum grade point average of 3.30 is recommended for applicants to this program who are exceptionally motivated, academically talented, and qualified.

Applications must be submitted by February 15 to their junior year current undergraduates.


Creating values-based organizations that encompass professionals who share similar values in this age of technology can be challenging.

It offers professionals the opportunity to enhance their skills, develop employees, foster innovation and trust, and establish and maintain integrity through learning how to manage change, solve problems, and develop employees.

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