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M.S. in Cybersecurity Management From Columbus State University (2023)

In addition to the regular news headlines about computer security breaches, it does not seem like there is any day without a new report of a major breach at a corporation, government organization, or communications network.

The world today relies extensively on cyberinfrastructure, from online banking to e-commerce to transportation operations.

A wide array of computer experts with special technical training and knowledge is needed to safeguard important networks and electronic systems to achieve this goal.

Why Choose Columbus State University?

In response to the burgeoning demand for cybersecurity knowledge, students at Columbus State University in the Computer Science department can specialize in the subject during their master’s degree.

In addition to technical courses that focus on safe software, languages, and architectures, the specialization includes courses that examine other societal issues such as privacy and legal implications.

Students will be trained in a wide variety of topics, including cryptographic methods, data and information security, fault-tolerant computing, network security, privacy, and anonymity, as well as software safety and system security.

Future Aspirations of this course

Future prospects for studying Cybersecurity Management are as follows:

Entry Requirements

A student who wishes to be admitted to the Program in Cybersecurity Management must meet the following requirements:

Students must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university, have a minimum of 2.75 cumulative undergraduate grade point average, and any of:

  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 in their undergraduate major.
  • You must receive a combined score of 290 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.
  • The Computer Science School requires a resume and other documents, including published papers and patents, that demonstrate significant experience (as judged by the School) in industrial cybersecurity management.

Additional Entry Requirements

The Turner College of Business reviews all applications for the Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and recommends that the degree be awarded following successful completion of an approved program. The Office of the Registrar must receive degree applications at least one semester prior.

In order to receive a bachelor’s degree, the following requirements must be met: to the completion of degree requirements.

  • Students must earn a 3.0-grade point average for each graduate course attempted for which a letter grade was assigned.
  • To meet the requirements for the degree, students may apply for a maximum of two courses (not to exceed eight semester credit hours) with a grade of “C.”.
  • For the degree to be earned, at least 24 of the required hours must be completed in the program.
  • The maximum number of semester hours that may be transferred is six with a B or higher. Student’s grade point averages will not be calculated using transfer credit.
  • Students are required to complete all degree requirements within seven years of their initial enrollment.
  • Those seeking the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management degree program must complete at least ten courses (30 semester hours) for graduate credit.
  • Students who intend to write a thesis in Cybersecurity Management must take CSMT 6985 Studies in Cybersecurity Research and Thesis a minimum of twice.
  • This program may only include six hours of the research and thesis course CSMT 6985. Students who choose the MS thesis option degree must take CSMT 6986 Thesis Defense during their defense semester.
  • Students can apply for only six hours for the Master’s Degree for CSMT 6985 Research and Thesis.
  • Students who pursue the thesis option for their degree can graduate after presenting a thesis to their thesis committee, receiving approval from it, and successfully defending the thesis in public.
  • Master’s degree programs in Cybersecurity Management must include a minimum of ten graduate courses (30 semester hours).

Indicators of Program Learning

TSYS School of Computer Science’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management program prepares all graduates with the skills necessary to take on management roles in the cybersecurity sector. Graduating students will be capable of:

  • Determine what information systems are at risk and what the best courses of action are  
  • Ensure that security policies are effective at detecting, preventing, and eliminating threat threats.
  • Work with IT to mitigate threats and minimize risk to information-related systems.
  • Efforts to develop and maintain policies for the protection of information to ensure compliance with the prevailing legal frameworks and standards.


There are numerous security careers that require security training that can only be obtained via a cybersecurity degree. The increase in cybersecurity degree programs will naturally lead to other colleges offering similar programs.

Kevin James

Kevin James

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