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Master of Science in Software Engineering and a Specialization in Cybersecurity at San Jose State University (SJSU)-2023

Nowadays, consumers, business leaders, and government officials are fully aware of the importance of securing their personal data. In the current job market, fewer than 10 percent of the 30,000 skilled security talent needed is available.

3.5 million cybersecurity professionals are estimated to be needed by 2021, according to a Cybersecurity Venture report.

A Master of Science in Software Engineering with a specialization in Cybersecurity will propel your future. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields overall, requiring highly qualified expertise.

Why San Jose State University?

The San Jose State University (SJSU) degree program meets that demand for expertise.

The Masters’s degree in Software Engineering, Specialization in Cybersecurity program gives students real-world experience in designing, developing, testing, and deploying secure systems, as well as leadership skills in organizational risk management and records management.

Unlike other cybersecurity programs, the SJSU program also incorporates a good grasp of how human factors can influence security.

Description of program features

  • Unique and Flexible Program- Professionals can learn from instructors with Silicon Valley industry experience following a leading-edge curriculum.
  • During the program, students acquire the engineering fundamentals and technical skills necessary to solve real-world problems, the classes are at convenient locations, and there is flexibility in class scheduling.
  • Value Driven- It offers exceptional educational value at an affordable rate, an industry-specific curriculum, and a high return on investment, as well as career opportunities both within and outside of the public sector.
  • A report from Cybersecurity Ventures claims that there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021.
  • Career-Aligned Opportunities- The faculty and industry partners at SJSU work with students to prepare them for engineering careers, and Silicon Valley technology companies and organizations are currently hiring more San Jose State University graduates from engineering, computer science, and business than they are from other colleges or universities.

Features & Benefits

  • Faculty that offers practical experience and a wide range of knowledge: Industry leaders and academic experts lend a host of knowledge to the Engineering & Software Development program.
  • A high-tech employment base is situated in Silicon Valley near the University, making the programs easy to access from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s not necessary to commute to the campus of SJSU.
  • Working professionals who intend to earn advanced degrees through accelerated programs get the convenience of being able to complete their studies while working.
  • Offering high-quality education at a reasonable cost: San Jose State University offers outstanding educational value, and many local employers will cover partial or full tuition for employees enrolling in graduate degrees.
  • Stackable certificates are offered in the Master of Science in Software Engineering, specialization in Cybersecurity. Certificates can be completed independently of the degree or can be combined to earn the entire MS degree.

Nature of the Program:

  • Courses are taught using hybrid delivery methods.
  • There are eight courses, which meet one night a week (6:00 – 9:30pm), and two Saturday sessions (9:00am – 3:30pm).
  • Students can enroll in classes year round, whether in the fall, spring, or summer.
  • For earning the Master of Science in Software Engineering, specialization in Cybersecurity degree, students must complete 10 courses totaling 30 graduate-level units. Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement is required for students.

Stackable Certificate Option:

Stackable certificates are offered in 3 phases of the master of science degree in software engineering with a focus on cybersecurity. These certificates may be completed independently of the MS degree or in combination with it to complete the entire MS degree. The certificate includes the following information:

  • Advanced Certificate in Secure Software Engineering
  • Advanced Certificate in Secure Test Engineering
  • Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security Engineering

Application Procedure

  • Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with four years of study.
  • Computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or a closely related field is required for admission.
  • Candidates with professional experience after completing a post-baccalaureate degree can be considered (e.g., physics, mathematics, electrical engineering).
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for the last 60 technical semester units, 90 technical units from the previous quarter, or all degree units.
  • Bachelor’s degrees (or equivalents) from other countries are acceptable.

Please Note: An application to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University does not guarantee acceptance into the program. It is required that enrollment standards are met in order for cohorts to be formed.

It is important to note that all application fees cannot be refunded in the event that a cohort does not launch due to insufficient enrollment.

Future Prospects:

For students who will graduate with an MS in Software Engineering degree:

  • Have a broad understanding of software engineering, from vision planning to analysis, design, validation and deployment.
  • To have competence in challenging engineering problems and tasks using the principles, methodologies and tools of the technological age.
  • Become an effective leader and demonstrated contributor in a multi-disciplinary environment with engineering, science, and business people.
  • It is essential that employees recognize the ethical, economic and environmental implications of their work.
  • Advance learning in engineering or other professions successfully, as well as sustain lifelong learning.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.


The future of cybersecurity is similar to the present in that it is controversial and nearly impossible to define as digital technologies interact with humans on virtually every level of economics, social work, and politics.

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