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Master’s in Computer Science -Cybersecurity From North Carolina A&T State University (2023)

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a world-class land-grant university where high-achieving academics engage in transformational teaching and learning, civic outreach, interdisciplinary research, and innovative solutions to global issues.

Concerns about the security of what is gathered are required, as well as the possibility of security breaches and privacy infractions, which have grown significantly as developments in information technology have made it simpler to collect, store, analyze, and produce data at an alarming rate.

Why Choose North Carolina A&T State University?

The Center of Excellence for Research, Education, and Outreach (CREO) is a multidisciplinary and innovative network of stakeholders which transforms knowledge into solutions that address cybersecurity issues.

You can find a lot of information about North Carolina A&T State University online. But nothing compares to seeing our gorgeous campus in person and getting a better grasp of why we are America’s top historically black institution and a national leader in STEM education.

We would be delighted to meet you and show you around our cutting-edge facilities, superb student housing, manicured grounds, and new award-winning Student Center.

North Carolina A&T State University is a short walk or bike ride from downtown Greensboro and is conveniently accessible from surrounding interstate roads.

Why Center of Excellence?

  • Data visualization: They will examine how machine learning can enhance data viewing and how vast quantities of visualization data may be improved.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: We will explore several approaches to secure the huge data sets based on the concept that algorithms can learn from data, recognize patterns and make judgments with minimum human interaction.
  • Biometrics: They will enhance our research in biometrics by using machine learning approaches.
  • Big Data Analytics: The application of artificial intelligence and machine education for historical data will be used to create a new statistical and predictive model.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: They will examine several approaches targeted at safeguarding huge data sets based on the notion that systems can learn from data. We will discover patterns and make judgments with minimum human interaction.
  • Public Policy: To address the loss of intellectual property due to cyber espionage, the cost of failing to report cyber intrusion, civil liberties concerns when government authorities conduct data network surveillance, and the invasion of privacy, we will draw on expertise from social, political, economic, business, and criminal justice disciplines.

These five thrust areas are supported by many research labs. They are: –

  • Identity Science Advanced Studies Center (CASIS)
  • Center for Cyber Defense
  • Cyber Identity Biometrics Lab

They conduct programs such as Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM). ITS is hosting a series of educational and fun online events that will help you protect both work-related and personal data and devices.

Centers and institutes at North Carolina A&T emphasize academic research expertise in subject areas of consideration, and in some cases emerging, relevance.

They offer a picture of our university’s research enterprise’s strengths and main areas of concentration when taken together.

North Carolina A&T State University even offers convenient services for students, such as:

Graduate Courses, accessibility resources, career counseling services, coronavirus information, and help center, counseling services, dining services, enrollment management communication information desk, financial aid, information technology services, manage my ID / GET services, online payments for authorized users, online payments for students, free parking services, registrar for a student complaint form, student Gmail ID, student health center and a treasurer’s office.

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Kevin James

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