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Master’s in Computer Science – Cybersecurity at Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)-2023

In the technologically advancing world, the field of cybersecurity is booming and companies are investing heavily in network infrastructure and hiring cybersecurity experts.

One might take up specialized courses in cybersecurity and research for future technology developments in this field.

The area of computer science has varied domains that provide exciting opportunities to individuals who are ready to push themselves to be the world’s next leaders in their field of expertise.

Cybersecurity professionals integrate theoretical knowledge and real-world problems to design measures that withstand such sudden data breaches effectively.

More trained personnel are in demand who can analyze, manage and effectively counter cyber threats with new technologies.

Besides mastering countering such attacks, an individual also gains proficiency in grasping matters related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is a promising field since digitalization has compelled all forms of transactions to resort to online means, which has increased the risk of cyberattack manifolds. 

Why Choose Oklahoma Christian University (OC)?

The Master’s Program in Cybersecurity at Oklahoma Christian University provides insight to candidates to protect digital information and apply their knowledge to future use.

They would also gain in-depth knowledge of security mechanisms and devise and implement security solutions for new systems.

They would get hands-on training to design and review security measures and ensure the software and security infrastructure is compatible and robust enough to counter such cyberattacks. 

Degree Requirements:

→ Applicants having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

→ Non-CS majors will be considered for admission based on their college and professional work. 

→ There are four leveling courses of 3 credit units each for non-CS students applying to the MSCS program. 


  • CMSC-5333 Advanced Database Systems
  • CMSC-5003 Foundations of Technology Ethics and Values
  • CMSC-5613 Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  • CMSC-5343 Algorithm Analysis

Choose 6 hours of 5000 level CMSC not already taken


Documents Required:

→ A completed application form of $25.

→ Official transcripts from past attended university or college that has offered a bachelor’s degree are required. 

→ A cumulative GPA of 2.5 and above is required. 

→ Two recommendations from employers or professors who can validate the candidate’s past performance and merit. 

→ GRE test scores issued within the last five years are required. If a candidate’s CGPA is three or above, then this requirement can be waived.

Also, candidates with 5+ years of work experience in the computer and engineering fields do not require to submit GRE. 

Documents required for International Applicants: 

→ Official transcripts from past colleges or universities need to be submitted. 

→ Official transcripts submitted in a foreign language need to be presented with an official English translation. 

→ Official transcripts and degree certificates are required to be mailed or couriered. 

Examination Requirements:

→ Students whose first language is not English need to submit proof of English proficiency. 

→ The accepted tests are IELTS and TOEFL. 

→ The minimum score requirements for IELTS and TOEFL are 6.0 and 500IBT/61 PBT, respectively. 

Documentation for Financial Support: 

→ The document is required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and O.C. and must be submitted by mail or courier, or person. 

→ Completed Financial Worksheet

→ An Affidavit of Support in case a third party is funding.

→ A dependant Data Form is required if a dependant is traveling to the U.S. with the candidate.

Documents for Immigration:

→ Passport photo page

→ Visa Page

→ 1-94 cards (front and back)

→ Copies of all I-20s

→ International students from another U.S. educational institution must request that their institute fill out the SEVIS Transfer Release Form and send it to the Office of International Programs. 


Students from the United States pay $605 per credit hour, and international students pay $695 per credit hour for MSCS.

Enrollment Criteria: 

Students must maintain full-time enrolment of at least nine credit hours as required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to maintain student status. 


Getting a master’s degree in Computer Science-Cybersecurity from Oklahoma Christian University will help students gain in-depth knowledge in the field of cybersecurity under the guidance of expert faculty. 

Kevin James

Kevin James

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