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Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Sciences with Cybersecurity From College of Charleston (2023)

It has never been a better moment to start a career in cybersecurity. The demand for cybersecurity personnel significantly surpasses the supply as cyber threats and attacks become more frequent and sophisticated.

It means that job security for qualified cybersecurity experts is virtually guaranteed.

Because of the scarcity of qualified personnel, cybersecurity specialists are among the highest paid in the technology industry, with a compensation premium of 9% over IT jobs in general. 

To summarise, the cybersecurity employment market is booming, with high incomes and strong demand.

However, to secure the top cybersecurity positions with the finest firms, you must have a degree, and the higher the degree, the better.

The master’s program from the College of Charleston for computer sciences and Cybersecurity is a brilliant combination for young IT professionals. 

The approved Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences’ Cybersecurity specialty is intended to meet the demands of cybersecurity specialists.

The graduate will be prepared to make an immediate impact in the workplace in the South Carolina Lowcountry as a result of the expertise and information gained in this program.

Why should you go to the College of Charleston?

  • Synchronous classes are offered at several venues, including Harbor Walk East, the Lowcountry Graduate Center, and local tech companies.
  • High-end collaborations with regional industry leaders have resulted in job prospects for our alumni.
  • Graduates make between $60,000 and $70,000 per year on average.
  • Offer to have paid assistantships available.
  • In 18 months, you will have completed the program (full-time).
  • Those enthusiastic about boosting their careers in information science and technology, computer science, and cybersecurity should take these demanding cybersecurity classes.
  • An excellent college of computer science and cybersecurity professionals with years of expertise
  • A hybrid classroom and distance education style is meant to push and inspire working professionals while staying comfortable.

More about the course 

The system includes the behavioral, managerial, and technological elements of cybersecurity and the most recent technical aspects.

It’s tailored to job seekers and enrolls undergraduate students in critical positions in industry, government, academia, and other organizations.

Many past students have gone on to work as red team penetration testers, blue team information system defenders, or successful cybersecurity companies

Deadlines for submitting applications

Fall: July 1 (domestic) and March 1 (international) 

Spring: December 1 (domestic) and September 1 (international) 

Summer: April 1 (domestic) and January 15 (international)

The master’s degree in computer and information sciences has the following objectives

  • educating the future generation of academics and professionals who will be competent in doing fundamental research and expanding the discipline’s skills and competencies
  • Through study and scholarship, new knowledge in the subject of computer science is being discovered and disseminated.
  • educating entrepreneurs who can convey their concepts and are aware of their duties as computer and information science professionals in a globalized world

Application Requirements

  • A completed application form with a $50 nonrefundable application fee is required.
  • All undergraduate and graduate transcripts must be official. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university.
  • For advice on supplying required documentation with the application, international applicants should refer to the International Students portion of the catalog’s “Admissions Information” section.
  • Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution or university within the last five years with a GPA of 3.500 or higher.
  • An undergraduate degree from a regionally approved college or university with a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or above. A GRE composite score of 300 and a 4.0 analytical writing score on the GMAT or a GRE composite score of 500 and a 4.0 analytical writing score. 
  • The usage of GRE/GMAT scores is restricted to five years.
  • With a total GPA of 3.000 or better, completed a graduate certificate in Computer and Information Sciences at the combined College of Charleston/The Citadel.
  • An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.500 or higher, a GRE composite score of 300 and 4.0 analytical writing or a GMAT composite score of 500 and 4.0 analytical writing, and six credits in the joint College of Charleston/The Citadel program in Computer and Information Sciences as a non-degree student with a cu
  • The usage of GRE/GMAT scores is restricted to five years.
  • To continue as a full-time student in the 4+1 BS/MS program at the College of Charleston, students must have completed at least one graduate course with a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or above for all CSIS courses.

By applying an enhanced curriculum in Computer Science and promoting entrepreneurial spirit in research and scholarship, the graduate program supports and enriches the undergraduate degree in computer science and cybersecurity. 

Kevin James

Kevin James

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