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ISU Cybersecurity Courses List 2023: Illinois State University

Programs at Illinois State University (ISU)

Illinois State University (ISU’s) faculty of Technology offers the nation’s initial active Industrial Cybersecurity degree, getting ready to secure the systems that manage power plants, oil & gas pipelines, and producing facilities. During this program you learn to:

1. Communicate with each industrial operations and IT personnel

2. Ensure safety in all working areas.

3. Maintain industrial system device inventory

4. Track evolving risks poignant industrial management systems

5. Aid in conducting cyber security assessments

6. Update industrial management program and computer code

Program summary

This program is presently conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Classroom hours in the program area unit weekday occurs throughout Friday fr 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Classroom hours for college students with a previous ESTEC degree area unit schooled 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on weekdays.

Degree choices

Students with no previous expertise will complete the program in two years. Students with a previous associate’s degree in the associate engineering field will earn a second associate’s degree in one year. 

Visit the website and contact the associate advisor to spot the choice that most closely fits you.

Subjects in Bachelors Degree (4 Years): Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Technology

Course Sequence – Bachelor of the subject – Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology

The First Initial Degree in Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology which has a duration of 2 years

Program prices

The Second Degree in Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology encompasses 1 year

Course Sequence – Associate of subject Degree: Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology

The Cyber Security Technology at the Level higher than the Associate Degree

Career Opportunities

Industrial management systems security lead

Cyber security analyst

Cyber security manager

Cyber security investigator

Cyber security technician

Cyber security engineer

Cyber adviser

Instrumentation and management specialist


Contact: Sean McBride


Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology organizer/pedagogue

Within ID State University’s Energy Systems Technology Education Center (ESTEC), Sean McBride runs the Institution for solely two years and deals with cyber attacks and incidents.

Sean joined Illinois State University and he developed the firm’s Industrial management Systems (ICS) security business strategy.

Sean’s skilled accomplishments regarding threat and vulnerability intelligence evolved into the DHS ICS-CERT. Later he co-founded crucial Intelligence to specialize in the distinctive intelligence wants of business entities.

Over the past decade, Sean has written extensively for his customers, provided professional analysis for the popular press, and briefed the results of his work by leading in skilled conferences like RSA and S4.

Sean attained an associate MBA within the National Security Agency Scholarship for the program at Illinois State University in 2006. He attained a master in World Management from  Arizona State University in 2010.

Benjamin R. Lampe

Office: room decorator Building | Rm. 103

 (208) 251 – 8405

Clinical pedagogue, ICS Cybersecurity

Ben received his Bachelor of Science in EE from the University of the American state, straightaway when he was employed in the military service Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) for the past ten years.

Throughout his tenure at the NNL, he received a Master of Science in engineering science from the University of ID.

He has expertise in building illustrator Automation PLC and HMI systems, BACnet Building Automation systems, and open supply systems with UNIX system and Node-Red.

When he transitioned from management systems into IT as a part of the IT Leadership Development Program, he had expertise managing Cisco and town Network Technologies and dealing with VMware Virtualization Infrastructure.

Ben has skilled achievements throughout his tenure with the NNL embracing writing, architecting, and implementing the Operational Technology (OT) Strategy for the America military service Reactor Program.

This Strategy is enforced and used presently among the military service Nuclear Laboratory.

Sharie Ellis


 Contact : 208-282-3265


Michael Kobus


 Contact : 208-282-3107


Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology

Program Objectives:

1. Identify and answer security considerations about operational cyber-physical systems

2. Coordinate among key stakeholders for matters coping with the safety of operational cyber-physical systems.

3. Promote neutral awareness and education about cyber-physical systems security

4. Implement applicable processes for managing risk in cyber-physical system

5. Influence technology choice and preparation supported security criteria.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Apply the basic principles of cyber-physical systems

2. Explain the requirement and purpose of securing cyber-physical systems

3. Identify common weaknesses in cyber-physical systems

4. Evaluate the safety of cyber-physical systems by applying pertinent recognized standards

5. Propose practices for managing cyber physical-systems risk

6. Implement techniques for defensive cyber-physical systems.

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Health at ISU

 Here is a  spread of clinics giving services to students, relations of scholars, faculty, staff, and therefore the community to push health and welfare.

University treatment room


 Unity treatment room, 1130 East Fairview, Meridian

 (208) 895-6729

Unity treatment room

Health West ISU Clinic

Medical residents offer full family practice services for adults and kids.

 465 Memorial Drive

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Campus Recreation

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Wellness Center

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2. GET-FIT Program

3. Personal coaching

4. Wellness employment

5.  Reed Gym, Room 205A

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Life at Illinois State University ISU

This section wholly deals with the students of ISU.

Illinois State University is committed to providing effective student participation and illustration in all areas of student life, with some improvement in training programs,  co-curricular activities, and services, and advancing the common interests and considerations of the coed body.

Programs we tend to support:

1. Student Organizations

2. Idaho Civic Symphony


Student Government

International Affairs Council

Bengal Theater

ASISU Partners:

ASISU has partnered with schools to assist students to realize off-field housing close to this Organisation.

The Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board may be a student-led organization dedicated to designing and corporal events in a large form of events set in Pocatello for all students throughout the educational academic year.

Their goal is to inspire field pride by promoting student involvement, self-growth, unity, and traditions among all hosted ISU events.

Student Organizations

Organizations play a vital role in the education of scholars at ISU University. The events can be placed under various niches and objectives.

The Student Leadership & Engagement Center provides materials and recommendations to assist teams to become formally registered ASISU organizations. 

If you’re inquisitive about anything about these organizations, please go to the University Website and try to find out more information.

For a lot of info, you can contact the various helpline numbers available, one among them being (208) 282-3451. We’d like to speak with you concerning all the fantastic organizations/clubs ISU has got to provide.

Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology covering the first Associate Degree

The calculable total value for the Intermediate Technical Certificate: Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology is $17,421.37.

Please hover among these options and see for yourself.

Tuition:  $15,744.00

Fees: $827.50

Books: $435.87

Tools/ Supplies: $414.00

Program Total: $17,421.37

Intermediate Scheme: Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Tech

The calculable total value for the Intermediate Technical Certificate: Industrial Cybersecurity Engineering Technology is $8,841.00.

Please choose the options according to your comfort.

Tuition:  $7,872

Fees: $555

Books: $0

Tools/ Supplies: $414

Program Total: $8,841.00

Why study Cybersecurity?

Hacking and cybercrimes are the most vulnerable issues for any organization. Cybersecurity is an essential field to combat all types of crimes that occur along these lines.

The Cybersecurity program at Illinois State University provides you with sensible, active expertise. You may develop system and network defenses, and perform simulated attacks on computers to check their security.

You furthermore might get exposure to laptop forensics. This teaches you the way to assemble and preserve proof from devices to use in any court of law.

Major areas covered under cyber security are:

1) Application Security

2) Information Security

3) Disaster recovery

4) Network Security

Application security encompasses measures or countermeasures that are taken throughout the event life-cycle to shield applications from threats that will return through flaws within the application style, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance.

Some simple techniques in which application security deals are:  

a) Validating the input variables

b) The Authorization of the User

c) Management of the Session and managing exceptional activities

d) Audit processing.

Information security protects information getting leaked from unauthorized access to avoid fraud and to shield privacy. Major techniques involved in this field are

a) Identification, authentication & authorization of the user,

b) Cryptography.

Disaster recovery designing may be a method that has a role in risk assessment, establishing priorities, and developing recovery methods just in case of a disaster.

Any business ought to have a concrete arrangement for disaster recovery to resume traditional business operations as quickly as attainable once a disaster occurs.

Network Security is the most essential part of the Cybersecurity Department. It sees to the fact that Network is kept hassle-free completely. Network Security ensures that no bug or malware gets into the network lines.

Network security elements include:

a) Anti-virus and anti-spyware,

b) Firewall, to dam unauthorized access to your network,

c) Intrusion hindrance systems (IPS), to spot fast-spreading threats, like zero-day or zero-hour attacks, and

d) Virtual non-public Networks (VPNs), to supply secure remote access.

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