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How is Cybersecurity Important in Cybercrime? (2023)

The necessity of internet connectivity made us familiar with terms like cybercrime and cybersecurity.

But before discussing the importance of cyber security in cybercrime, let me tell you about cyber security and cybercrime properly because these are the main terms used in the article.


Cybersecurity is the process of protecting data from any cyber-attacks.


It is any criminal activity done via a computer or any networked device. Cybercrimes don’t have to be carried out just to generate profit for the cybercriminals; some are also carried out against computers to disable them.

Let’s talk about the importance of Cybersecurity in Cybercrime

We are all more dependent on technology than ever before. The emergence and growth of technology positively affect our lives, but our data is more prone to cyber-attacks with this.

If you use a tech device, then there are chances that you will face a cyber-attack. Your data need to get protected, and that is what cybersecurity does. It is the process that keeps your data safe.

●  No single type of cyber-attack

No one is safe from cybercrime as many types of attacks, including malware, phishing, etc. There are many types of cyber-attacks, so it is not possible to keep your data safe from every cyber-attack without cybersecurity.

Criminals use different methods to get your data, and they steal your resources like bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and other valuable data.

If they can get to your networked device, they can easily do whatever they want. Cybersecurity is important; you can stand a chance against these cyber-attacks.

For instance:

Suppose you have a mobile and you protect it from phishing and malware attacks because these are the common ones.

Someone wants to take out your information for ransomware. He tried to access your system through malware attacks, but he failed. Then he tried phishing attacks; again, he failed.

After this, he tried other methods and successfully accessed your data. Ransomware is demanded, your private photos are shown to others and many other things. Annoying?

Right!! Want to protect your data from all these things? Cybersecurity does this for you. It protects your data from different kinds of cyber-attacks.

This is how cybersecurity is important to protect you and your data from different cyber-attack methods.

● Increasing cyber-crimes

The surging development of technology like fast broadband, gadgets, cloud computing, etc., has led to an increase in the number of connected devices, leading to more cybercrimes.

There are approximately 21.1 billion networked devices globally, and the development of the dark web has created a smooth ground for cybercrime activities. Cybersecurity can minimize your exposure to such things.

A dark web is a website where no one can find you. You can do whatever you want to without fear of cops, etc.

After the lockdown, we all have used devices more than ever before. We used a fast-speed internet connection and visited many websites, making us more vulnerable to cybercrimes.

But cybersecurity protects us from those crimes. It will handle all the risks and automatically mitigate the risk’s effect.

● Tech users are prone

It is a fact that almost every one of us on this planet is now dependent on information and technology, and due to this, there is a great criminal opportunity for cybercriminals.

We also use social media and cloud storage, making us more prone to cyber-attacks. Social media hacking is not a difficult thing.

And this makes cybersecurity more crucial than ever because the things that we use this much can prove disastrous for us. Cybersecurity protects us from those disasters.

Let me tell you about a real-life instance that happened to me. I was so fond of using Facebook. One day I just logged out of my account and took a rest for two days. Then I tried to log in to my account, but it showed the wrong password.

I was so worried about that shit then I tried to change the password by choosing to forget the password. They notified me that there is no account on my mobile number. I was shocked by this.

After a week, someone called me and asked me for $10000. When I denied it, he blackmailed me by saying that he would go viral my all chats and personal photos. I was so depressed and called and made a complaint in the cyber cell.

I don’t know-how, he knew that I complained against him, so he made circulated videos and photos on social media and made them viral. That was literally disastrous for me.

This is why cybersecurity is important. To protect us from such depressing situations, cybersecurity protects our data, and I must say it protects our data and protects us too.

● Cloud storage needs protection

Sensitive information such as bank details, passwords, and other things are now stored on the cloud, which increases the risk of unauthorized access. Increased use of social media has led to an increase in identity fraud.

And the fact is: whoever you are, you are at risk of being targeted by cyber-attacks. This is where cybersecurity plays a crucial role.

It protects the data stored in the cloud, which ultimately saves data from unauthorized access.

Companies spend a lot of money on protecting cloud storage because sensitive information is stored in the cloud, and if it gets leaked, it can make our lives hell. This is how cybersecurity protects us here;

It is the only thing because we are living without any worries. We can do whatever we want to without even thinking about what if our data gets leaked, etc.

● Cybersecurity saves money

Studies reveal that there is a sharp increase in information breaches, including financial information, health records, personal data and many more things. Cybercriminals demand a huge amount of money to give your data back.

But cybersecurity, if you spend on cybersecurity, will cost you very less than cyber criminals.

With this, there is no risk that cybersecurity will leak your data. If you spend on cybersecurity, it will give you good returns by protecting your data.

For instance:

Suppose someone gets your banking details and other important details that any unauthorized person should not access.

All your savings are in your bank account. Now he just withdraws those savings and demands more to keep your data safe. You might want to kill that person. Right..!!

Cybersecurity is important because it costs us less and gives us more. It saves our money which we can use to make ourselves happy.

● Enables credibility

Sometimes, cyber-attacks make online platforms like websites and apps inaccessible, resulting in a bad reputation. It isn’t easy to gain the same reputation as you had before the cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity is crucial to protect your platform from those risks. It can also help protect your customers from potential hacks.

Let’s discuss an instance.

Suppose you use a website to read articles because you find that the website tells genuine things.

One day, you are denied access to the website. You thought it was a technical glitch and tried it after some time, but again it denied access.

Will you try accessing it again or find a new website? What kind of image is created in your mind regarding that website? Bad..! Right..!!

 This is how cybersecurity protects the reputation of any website. It makes the website safe for customers.

● Viruses can be harmful

Viruses can work as wildfire. These can cause various problems for you and your business if you don’t control them. These viruses can corrupt your files and systems. That’s why cybersecurity is important to save your device from viruses.

An example of this is:

Suppose any virus attacked your computer and you have a meeting, so you want to share a file with your team.

But due to viruses, the device is not allowing you to share the file, and it made some changes to your files. Is it good for your business? No..right..!!!

This is why cybersecurity is important; it protects our devices from viruses that can cause unlimited harm to us.

● The Dark web

The dark web is a collaboration of websites that you can only access through specialized browsers. It is used for hiding internet activities. It keeps users anonymous.

You can also use it legally, but it has been known for many illegal operations. Many people use this for hosting illegal operations, which are harmful.

The dark web is famous for crimes like human and drug trafficking, piracy, illegal auctions, and other unlawful activities.

With the development in technology, the dark web has strengthened its sophistication, which provides a heaven for cyber-attackers. These things make cybersecurity more crucial than ever before.

Cybersecurity has become essential for many reasons. I hope this article has made you realize the essence of cybersecurity. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

What do the stats say?

A report by Risk-based Security revealed that in the first nine months of 2019 alone, there was a shock by 7 data breaches. This figure doubled the number of records published in 2018 (112%) at the same time.

Medical services, retailers, and public entities experienced the most violations, with the perpetrators being responsible for most incidents.

As the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks increase, agencies and organizations need to take steps to protect businesses and employees’ sensitive and closely guarded data.

It is primarily for those tasked with safeguarding information related to national security, health, insurance or financial records.

In early March of 2013, the country’s top intelligence officials warned that cyber-attacks and digital espionage posed a leading threat to national security, even terrorism.

These cyberattacks are commonly used to access, alter or destroy sensitive information. Export money from users or disrupt normal business processes.

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