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Do You Regret Working in Cybersecurity Field? (2023)

Many of you might be thinking about why some people regret working in the cybersecurity field. So here is the answer, continue reading to know why people regret it.

Adaptable and ready to learn

If you are not a person who likes constant learning, cybersecurity is not the right field for you. It will never be until and unless you are ready to learn constantly.

No one knows where cybersecurity will be after a decade, but certainly, there will be a great change.

Many people consider cybersecurity to be a “wild west,” which means that the amount of change will be uncontrollable and unpredictable.

For example:

Suppose you only know how to make pizza. But then, you go somewhere, and they ask you to make different dishes daily. Will you adapt to that environment? Can you make different dishes daily?

Your answer might be no. So if you are not ready to make new dishes daily, you should not go to the place.

The same is with the cyber security field. You have to adapt to new changes and be ready to learn new things; if you are not, don’t even think about becoming a cyber security professional.

You can’t predict what will happen; you just need to adapt.

The rate of learning is challenging for older professionals.

No one can deny that learning is not easy when we grow older. The pressure to learn new things in cybersecurity is so relentless that it can cause stress for old-age professionals, and even the younger generation can feel the pressure.

Learning something new is a big deal for older professionals. There is no doubt that they are great at what they do, have a lot of experience, and provide great value to the organization.

Because of age, many people think about whether they will be able to be effective in the field or not.

So if you are also worried about this, you can make an exit plan and begin to consider new options that you can take after leaving your cyber security professional career.

So if you are the individual who can’t handle the pressure and is not adaptable, either change yourself or don’t even think about becoming a cybersecurity professional.

May not get support

Often we meet people who are not aware of what a cyber security professional does. If you are from a background like teaching, accounting, etc., people will understand what you do.

But when it comes to cyber security, half of the people don’t even know what cyber security professionals do. They will ask you again and again about your job, what you do in that.

For them, cyber security is just something to do with computers, and many people might say that anyone can do this, you don’t need to work hard, etc., which can demotivate you.

Even in some cases, the boss who has hired you won’t really understand what you do, which might be more frustrating for you.

Your grandparents didn’t have cyber security as a career option, and due to this, you might not get support from your family.

Let’s take an instance:

Suppose you are in a family where your grandparents are less educated, and your parents didn’t have a cyber security option for a career.

The only thing that they might know is that computers are only used for playing and doing some research work for college assignments. Will they support you in becoming a cybersecurity professional? Chances are less.

Now think that your friend circle is also unaware of what a cybersecurity professional does. They might irritate you by saying that you don’t work hard.

You just sit the whole day, and your work is an easy kind of thing. Will that irritate you? Can you expect support from these kinds of friends? I don’t think so.

So if you are choosing a cybersecurity profession, be strong enough to do whatever you want to, even if your parents and friends don’t support you.

Otherwise, leave the idea because this frustration can cost you your mental health, which is necessary for your field.

Passion for technology

Most cyber security professionals love to do their job. Many of them chose cyber security as their career because they were passionate about the field, and some of them don’t even care about salary much.

This simply means that they chose cybersecurity because they enjoy their work.

Working and getting successful in the cybersecurity field is challenging as it requires a strong commitment and real passion.

Cybersecurity changes so fast, so you need to be committed, and your passion helps you work properly when things get challenging.

Need focus

There are many jobs that require more physical work than mental. But cybersecurity is just the opposite of those jobs; it requires mental work so that you can be exhausted.

You need intense and sustained concentration in the cybersecurity field; if you don’t focus on small things, it can lead to a disaster for the organization. You can’t be effective with less concentration in this field.

These are some common reasons you will regret choosing a cybersecurity career. If you are ready to sit at a place and focus on your work, you might not regret your career.

Think and then consider all factors so that you won’t regret working in the cybersecurity field.

Kevin James

Kevin James

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